Almo Process provides innovative solutions for the process industry with results. Our experience provides the ability to create successful custom solutions in the fields of Washing, Drying, Cooling, Screening, and Sorting.

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About Us

The ALMO brand is a combination of parent company [AL]lgaier and subsidiary partner [MO]gensen. With over 100 years of providing process solutions, ALMO Process can provide knowledge, confidence, and efficiency to your operation.


The Allgaier-Group specializes in machinery and apparatus engineering for process technology. Allgaier Process Technology produces and delivers systems worldwide for washing, drying, cooling, screening, and sorting to companies in the bulk goods processing industry.

Almo Process

ALMO Process Technology provides high quality durable mineral washing equipment used for the removal of many contaminants. Gosag machines and facilities are designed, developed and manufactured by a team of highly-qualified experts. While ALMO Process specializes in sand washing and bentonite recovery equipment, our machines are adapted to many different applications. ALMO Process manufactures complete solutions for the washing process, including Hydrocyclones, Clarifiers, Flocculant Preparation, Sand Washers, High Frequency Dewatering Screens, and Bentonite Recovery.

Almo Process

ALMO Process provides an extensive portfolio of dryers and calciners. Our dryers also meet many applications including glass recycling, biofuel drying, and combined cooling solutions. The types of dryers we supply include Rolling Bed Dryer, Rotary Drum Dryer, Fluid Bed Dryer, Suspension/Paste Dryer, Dispersion Dryer, Laboratory Dryers, Batch Dryers, Granulator Dryers, and more. Each Drying and Calcining solution is custom designed for its application allowing for a specific solution to a process operation.

Almo Process

ALMO Process provides multiple options for drying including Indirect Rotary and Fluid Bed Models. Many of our Drying solutions can also be created in Cooling models and some are specifically designed to combine the two processes. The Cooling solutions provided by ALMO Process are versatile and powerful while still being gentle with the material.

Almo Process

The Allgaier Tumbler and Gyratory screeners are ideal for many different size material, especially fine particulates. Additionally, the Allgaier vibratory screeners are proven for wet material The Mogensen Sizer is specifically designed for high throughput and efficient screening. Bar sizers (grizzlies) are designed as a solution for coarser materials. Whatever need you have for a screening solution, ALMO Process can meet them.

Almo Process

ALMO Process produces many sorting solutions which can be used for many different types of materials.

  • The Mogensen Optical and X-Ray sorters are ideal for materials like glass, minerals, and plastics due to their advanced technology and high throughput.
  • The Optical Sorter can sort by color, shape, or particle size.
  • Our Densimetric Tables, however, are ideal for compost and organic applications when separating materials based on relative densities.
As with all of our machines, our sorters can be customized or engineered for a specific job.